Dear Meb,

You were my hero when I stood outside in the cold watching you gracefully gut out the last loop of the Olympic Trials in 2007 in Central Park, despite that you were seriously hurt, long after you knew your weren’t going to make the team.

And you were my hero when you battled your way all the way up to 4th place in the London Olympic Marathon from so far back it was crazy. 

You were my hero last year in the New York City Marathon when I watched you struggle and kill yourself to get up First Avenue yet you chose to finish instead of just walking off the course like most other elites would. 

and you were my hero with the way you handled and ignored this reprehensible piece Darren Rovell wrote in  the midst of your celebration of winning NYC in 2009.

and today you were most certainly our hero even if it was just one more on the long list of running superhero shit I have been watching you do since 2004. 

Congrats. No one deserves this day more than you.