Everyone is going nuts about the $12 cup of coffee. I would try it. 

The Chemex

The Chemex has replaced the bong in my life. As this piece from the NY Times perfectly states, it’s for coffee purists. If you are serious about your coffee there is no better way to make your own then with a Chemex


The Slayer

Today I checked out RBC NYC and got to experience what many people are calling the Ferrari of espresso machines, the $18,000 SLAYER . RBC NYC is nice place if you are looking for some real coffee down in Tribeca. The Slayer definitely lives up to its hype. Although i consider my coffee knowledge and passion above average, i am not sure that i am that sophisticated to notice it was any better than the Synesso which my favorites Intelignesia and Stumptown continue to use. I may need to bring in my man Courtney Holt (@mootron) to really break it down for me but regardless i liked RBC NYC a lot and definitely looking forward to my next run in with the Slayer. I wonder if Slayer has gotten to check out the Slayer ?

Intelligensia. Los Angeles California. No doubt, they are king of the coffee nerds but these guys do it better than anyone. Serious skills. (via Serious Eats)